1. All That Is Man

  2. Fister / Primitive Man Split

  3. Bedroom Songs (Demos 2014-16)
    Choir Vandals

  4. Fade
    New Lives

  5. A Black Sea
    The Lions Daughter / Indian Blanket

  6. Fister / Norska Split 7"

  7. Everything Is Terrible
    Synthetic Sun

  8. The Grief Factory
    The Maness Brothers

  9. Give Em Hell
    The Wilderness

  10. The Lion's Daughter / Nights Like These (Split) -Stray Rescue Shelter Benefit-
    The Lion's Daughter

  11. Ununited
    Hell Night

  12. Darker Things
    Choir Vandals

  13. Keep Running
    Better Halves

  14. Currents
    The Highway Companion

  15. Hell Night / Cathedral Fever Split
    Hell Night / Cathedral Fever

  16. Skinless Summer
    Hell Night

  17. Blister Pack
    Hell Night

  18. The Prowler
    Horror Section

  19. Horror Section / Eaten Back To Life (Split)
    Horror Section / Eaten Back To Life

  20. Split w/ Breakmouth Annie
    The Winchester

  21. Strange & Beautiful (Aqualung Cover)
    Gabe & Jenny

  22. In Passing
    New Lives

  23. Born To Crawl
    La Bella Charade

  24. Split w/ Scouts Honour
    La Bella Charade

  25. Going Down Swinging
    Dan Johanning

  26. Gemini

  27. The Infernal Paramount

  28. No Rest : North And South

  29. Obey The Sun

  30. I
    Phineas Gage

  31. Drift And Drown
    The Disappeared

  32. Damntight
    Church Key

  33. Faberge
    Bent Left

  34. Bald Eagle Mountain
    Bald Eagle Mountain

  35. Brothers And Sisters
    The Jungle Fire

  36. Carol Ann Session
    The Jungle Fire

  37. Good Luck Tonight
    Better Days

  38. Pretty Little Things
    Bad Choices

  39. Whiskey And Wine
    Blackwater 64

  40. Bong Threat
    Bong Threat

  41. Lovely Songs
    The Highway Companion

  42. Endless Fight ep
    Better Off Damned

  43. Technological Advances

  44. Drinks
    Forever Young

  45. Snake Pit

  46. Resolute

  47. Out On A Limb
    Forever Young

  48. Vanished


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-Audio Engineer / Producer / Musician
-St. Louis, MO


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